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Kathleen, IEMT is amazing! You treated me once for biting my nails and I haven't bit them now for three and a half weeks. I was biting my nails I think everyday from the age of five to 58 and in one treatment that compulsion to bite my nails is gone. It's crazy, if I stick my fingers to my mouth I just think oh no I'm not biting my nails and I'm done with it. There's no more compulsion to bite my nails. Thank you so much.

Connie D 3/23

Kathleen is AMAZING! She is one of the most dedicated and profound coaches that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Kathleen leads with love, compassion and kindness.  She is able to guide you to achieve the optimal healing and balance that you have been looking for.  From healing childhood trauma to finding balance in everyday life, Kathleen has the ability and experience support you.  I highly recommend Kathleen, I will forever be grateful for all of the changes she has guided me through.

Jennifer W.

Kathleen is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She gets to the root of the situation or what you want to work on and asks the right questions to get you where you want and or need to be.  She is kind, compassionate, and understanding making her an absolute joy to talk to.  Her work has changed my life and helped transform me into a better person while giving me all the skills I need to be successful in my endeavors.

Austin S.



I’ve waited for over a month now to write my absolute overwhelming conviction of the “organic” healing powers of the techniques of Kathleen Nusbaum:  The process not only relieved historic trauma pain, but continues as a therapeutic healing balm of “everyday” pain of loss, relationship conflicts and failures, financial and work pressure and fears provoked by change.

The freedom from the horrors of multiple abuses, that came after minutes of sitting in front of Kathleen are beyond word description.  To have my heart so clear, my mind so free, my Spirit so released and this strange old covering of entrapment, instantly discarded continues to amaze me.

My complete and total rebirth after 3 sessions defies logic and reason, but, ever so gratefully, it is solid.  It is me: in a wholeness I have never had the privilege of living and, now, so permanently has become me:  a whole human being.

I now have my life to live… with dreams to be actually realized, fearlessly (every emotional, mental barrier, organically dissipated) ….and now fully hopeful of dreams becoming workable realities.  

Amazing Sweet Blessed Freedom to be me, attempting, tumbling, leaping and jumping, now encountering pain as a door to the more of me.

Thank You, Forever, Kathleen

Now a Fully Functioning Fellow Traveler, 

Henrietta S.

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